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The Forever Changing TV News Industry

September 15, 2010

In today’s blog post, SPC member Blair Gately, a public affairs specialist/reservist for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, offers her observations on WCVB Anchor and Reporter Susan Wornick’s September 14 talk on “TV News in the Internet Age.”

Susan Wornick opened her talk by observing that “the TV news business is changing every single day.” When she first began her career 30 years ago, she noted, TV news crews operated out of huge trucks with microwave signals; “now with satellite equipment there is the ability to broadcast live from anywhere in the world in a few minutes.”

She said the changes in technology, while empowering, bring an “awesome responsibility” that she and the WCVB team take “very seriously.” She said they consider three elements in reporting a story: first, get the facts; second, get the story done fast; and, third, get the story on the air, but don’t be pressured to be the first station to run it.

Wornick also said “the advent of the Internet” has brought huge changes in how people receive information, and she finds it “scary” that people assume everything they find online is factual.

She said technology has also changed how people contact reporters and the TV station. They used to call, but now they use e-mail.

“WCVB sees reporting and investigating issues as its main responsibility,” she said. “Our job at Channel 5 is to advocate for people and explain their rights.”

As she concluded her address, which marked the kick-off to the SPC’s 2010-11 program year, Wornick said she is always looking for story ideas and welcomes suggestions.