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Extreme Professional Makeover

March 15, 2010


Julieane Frost
Julieane Frost

In today’s blog post, SPC vice-president and freelance writer Julieane Frost offers her thoughts and insights on Margie Dana’s March 9 presentation on how to reinvent your job, your career, and yourself.

What happens when a woman gets married at age 40, has a baby at 42, and tries to balance a demanding career, a new marriage, and motherhood?  According to Margie Dana, “all hell broke loose” when it happened to her 15 years ago. In a lively presentation at the SPC meeting on March 9, Margie described how she “jumped off the corporate merry-go-round and landed on her feet in her own business.”

She began with an overview of her journey from college English major to proofreader, editor, print buyer, and, 12 years ago, to founder of Print Buyers International, a company that offers networking and educational opportunities to professionals who buy commercial printing.  Margie showed how she has evolved even further, by embracing social media, including Twitter and Linkedin to promote her business.  The cornerstone of her outreach is a weekly column, “Margie’s Print Tips,” which is distributed electronically to 4,500 subscribers every Monday morning.

Margie shared lots of tips on how to start your own business.  These included basics, such as how to set up a home office, be your own IT department, and let the world know what you do.  Her advice was sprinkled with memorable tidbits, including:  “Be nimble and flexible – adapt!” and “Be where the ‘eyeballs’ may be.”

Margie summed up her breathless “how to succeed on your own” story, with one final sound bite: “I wouldn’t change one minute or one day of it!”


Upcoming speakers

November 29, 2009

Mark your calendars for our list of upcoming SPC speakers:

*Tuesday, December 8: Kel Kelly, Founder and CEO Kel & Partners

  • Topic: How Web 2.0 is Changing Public Relations

Kel Kelly

Tuesday, January 12: Susan Westcott Alessandri, Ph.D., assistant professor, communication and journalism, Suffolk University

  • Topic: Visual Identity and Branding

Susan Westcott Alessandri

Tuesday, February 9: Andrea Ajemian, producer AA Films

  • Topic: Promoting Worcester County through Film and Video

Andrea Ajemian

Tuesday, March 9: Margie Dana, Founder of Print Buyers International
  • Topic: A Professional Makeover for the 21st Century

Margie Dana

Tuesday, April 13: Rod Lee, Founder & Editor, Inside Worcester

  • Topic: Launching and Growing a Print Publication in the Age of New Media

Rod Lee

These meetings will all be lunch meetings (11:30-1:15 p.m.) held at Coral Seafood, 225 Shrewsbury Street, Worcester, MA. Cost: $17 SPC members; $22 non-members and guests. To register, visit the SPC Web site.

*For the December 8 meeting, registration will begin at 11:15 a.m. SPC’s Annual Food Drive for the Worcester County Food Bank will take place at this meeting. Please bring canned and dried food.