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Rockin’ Worcester

February 10, 2010

Cynthia Wright

In today’s blog post, SPC co-president Cynthia Wright, principal of CJW Associates, offers her thoughts and insights on Andrea Ajemian’s February 9 presentation on how AA Films is using film and video to promote Worcester and Central Mass.

Andrea Ajemian’s presentation to SPC Feb. 9 was highly entertaining—and an illustration of creativity, business resiliency and dogged determination. Her feature flicks (including BoyBand, Freedom Park, Rutland USA) and internet show (Worcester Love) help promote Worcester and Central Mass while employing locals who may or may not have been looking to break into the business. Andrea described her work with young Worcester-area actors as an opportunity for kids’ positive reinforcement and a great chance to see their involvement in her work as something that can change their lives. Andrea and music producer Kaz Gamble are amazing local talents who have found a way to turn Worcester into film inspiration, keeping their production company moving forward—a great local success story sure to get bigger.