Thought Bubbles and Web 2.0

Cynthia Wright

In today’s blog post, SPC co-president Cynthia Wright, principal of CJW Associates, offers her thoughts and insights on Kel Kelly’s December 8 presentation on how Web 2.0 is changing the public relations world.

Kel Kelly’s dynamic presentation to SPC yesterday was an impassioned tutorial for those who still may be keeping a distance from the tide of energy that Web 2.0 carries with it. If you’re not ready to surf the waves now, you and  your clients are losing out on a great gift from the tech world to the world populated by individuals who love words and the power of communication but aren’t sure how to keep up with the wired and wireless among us.

If you’re any sort of freelancer, no matter what you so name yourself—solopreneur, consultant, independent communicator, or simply a fabulous freelancer—Web 2.0 opens the door to the easiest self-promotion imaginable.  Comment on blogs? Start a Facebook group? Tweets? This is insanely perfect for one-man bands, like many SPC members. Those blog comments and tweets are thought bubbles, according to Kel. Don’t let your thoughts float away! Make them work for you and your clients!

Kel gave us the inside track on sites that are specific to PR specialists (as well as broad and specific strategies for client placement).  Be sure to check out to take advantage of stories in process, to leverage releases, and to jumpstart and/or focus your Twitter experience.

Thanks again to Kel Kelly of Kel & Partners for such a lively presentation to SPC and for donating her stipend to the Worcester County Food Bank. If you missed out on the chance to contribute to SPC’s annual food drive, please consider making a monetary donation today!


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One Response to “Thought Bubbles and Web 2.0”

  1. Jane Salerno Says:

    You’re so right, Cindy!
    It was a great meeting, wasn’t it? My Clark office intern got a lot out of it, too, and was glad to come along. K. Kelly really highlighted why we all need to embrace Web 2.0. And she clearly defined/explained Web 2.0, which is no easy task!

    Well, back to my Clark U Twitter account …

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